Craft ideas for summer!


So the summer holidays are fast approaching and I have a few craft ideas here for children to try over the summer holidays! I have done all these with my daughter or children that I work with in school.

First up are some cardboard egg box wreathes! These are easy to make and children really enjoy making and designing these. You need some cardboard for the wreath, green paper, an egg box, paint, pens and glue.

First you need to make a circle in your cardboard and cut out the middle. Next use green paper to cover the circle. You could use tissue paper and cut it or tear it, be creative! Remember to trim the edges once it is all glued down.

Next you can add some leaves and place them on top until you are happy with the placement then glue down.

Next cut down the middles of the egg box and trim the edges until you have “flowers”. Next you need to paint these and let them dry. Once this is done they can be added to your decoration and you can add buttons, ribbons and threads.

Simple sewing is another good craft to try, It helps to develop hand and eye coordination, concentration and gives a feeling of accomplishment when finished. All you need is some scrap fabric, buttons, a needle and thread.

Start by drawing a simple shape, I did bunny rabbits. Draw onto the fabric and cut out carefully. Then decorate both sides with whatever you fancy. Felt tips could also be used to draw directly onto the fabric. Then stitch by hand using your needle and thread. Remember not to sew all the way round as you need to leave an gap so you can put some toy stuffing inside.

Another easy craft for young children is decoration wooden spoons! You can use scraps of fabric, paint and felt tips to create them. Here are some superhero ones that I made with a class.

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