More craft ideas for summer!


Here are a few more ideas for children to try over the summer holidays!

For this craft you need wool, ribbons, old t-shirt cut into strips, fabric and a CD. Start by covering the CD in wool so that it resembles a bike wheel and tape down or tie off the ends. Then use a large needle to weave over and under the wool threads. Do this until your CD is covered in lovely colours and textures. Then they can be strung together into bunting or as a decoration for your garden.

You can make this activity bigger by weaving onto a hula hoop too! Follow the steps above and weave on a bigger scale. These can be made into rugs or table mats.

Printing using old bottle caps, corks and cotton buds is an interesting craft for children to try. It lets them experiment with different shapes and techniques. Acrylic paint or fabric paint can be used for this and can be used to design tops and bags.

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