Arteza fabric paint (an honest review)


So I have been making some face masks for my family recently and was inspired by all the people painting a creating unique coverings. So I looked around and researched fabric paints and finally decided on buying this set from Arteza. There are some very mixed reviews out there but I have bought sketchbooks from them before and I really like the quality so I thought I would give them a try.

So these were the colours that I used to make my flower design. My daughter saw me doing these and wanted a matching face mask too. So my fabric was all washed and dried before painting to ensure that they do not shrink in the wash.

I found that the primary colours were a lot more opaque and I found it easy to apply a layer. They blended and mixed well even on the fabric. However the pink and blue were almost transparent and I struggled to apply these as they were. I found that by adding white helped a little but it was not the colour I really wanted.

Overall the colours are ok, there is a good variety of colours in the box. I like to mix my own colours and I found that sometimes the colour that I created was not what I expected. For example, when mixing the blue and white, it went a strange green colour!

When I painted the bee design I was pleasantly surprised at how well it covered over patterned fabric and that the blue was sort of transparent…..just like a real bee wing.

So then once they have dried for 24 hours I used an iron on the hottest setting to heat set the paint. This means they can be washed. I have only hand washed so far and the colours have remained intact. So big thumbs up!

Stay safe everyone!

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