Flower girl 2.0


I have been working on a large canvas that has been inspired by another drawing I did.

I wanted to create another version of this but with lots more flowers and using the indigo blue background as inspiration.

I used a ordinary canvas from Hobbycraft and covered it with dark blue acrylic paint. I then stenciled some wildflowers to add a bit of interest and stated on my flowers. I used watewrcolour paper and blank sticker sheets to make the flowers.

First I used inks from Jane Davenport to create my background. These are lovely to use because they act a bit like watercolours and you can mix on the paper easily, plus the colours are so vibrant.

Next I used my sizzex machine to cut out the little leaves and flowers. This took a while but was so worth it.

Then I started to draw out my figure and add the flowers as hair. I wanted it to look a bit wild and unruly but lush as well.

Before I glued anything down I placed things and played around with the flowers and leaves until I was happy. I added a little more detail to the face with Holbein pencils and then used a mixture of spray fixative and liquidex to stick everything down.

And ta-dah! I think it needs some tiny yellow flowers to finish it off and maybe some writing down the side.

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