Friday doodle club


I hope everyone has had a safe and happy new year!

I have been trying to do a little more drawing over the holidays and I came across this account on Instagram. They are called the @fridaydoodleclub and will be posting prompts every Friday for the rest of this year.

I worked with the prompts lion, hiking and determined from the 1st ever @fridaydoodleclub which is hosted by @jen_jamieson@creativebrenda@yaomacha and @sandralynneide

This is what I came up with…

My little hiker was determined to find the elusive leaf lion…

I used gouache and layercake paints from the Jane Davenport collection. I am pleased as to how it turned out and am excited to try keep up with the weekly prompts. I am also hoping it will help me to develop some more characters and different paint techniques.

Find more of my art on my Instagram @ditterydots

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