Sketchbook pages


I just wanted to share a few sketchbook pages that I have been working on recently. The next two pages are just little doodles that I drew. I love little bumblebees and just like to paint them because they always look so friendly and happy.

The next page layout is one that I really had no plans for, which is unusual for me as I like to plan my pages within an inch of their life! You can see the painting video for this on my YouTube page.

This one is from a prompt from @fridaydoodleclub. The prompts were clumsy, shouting and detective. I have used watercolours for the whole painting. I used my daughter as inspiration and also drew a little bunny friend to help her detect!

I have also been trying to do more draw it in your style challenges on Instagram. This challenge was posted by @chloe_marie_illustration and she asked people to try draw this little person in your own style. You can see her lovely drawing on her Instagram page.

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