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Curious Imp

Hello everyone! I have been working on a little painting of a girl and a bumblebee. She is just resting when it comes and lands on her knee. She reminds me of a curious little garden imp and of the stories that are told to small children about the fairies that live in the garden!

All the bumblebees

Hello everyone! I have been having a bit of a bee obsession recently…just can’t seem to stop painting them. Here are a few videos and pictures I wanted to share with you all.

The Bee keeper

Hello everyone! I am entering a competition that will go live in a few days and I have been working on some more designs for it. I mainly get to do my painting and drawing at the weekend for an hour or two and for an hour after tea (as long as the attic isn’tContinue reading “The Bee keeper”

Garden Imp

Hello everyone! I have a quick little post about a garden imp that I have been creating using layer cake paint and some watercolours. I’m trying to be a little bolder with my colour choices, which I am finding a bit difficult. But I will keep on trying! I have a little video on YouContinue reading “Garden Imp”

Busy Bumblebee

Hello everyone! I just love little busy bumblebees! They are so hardworking and committed to protecting the queen and their hive. I have been doing a few doodles with bees and wanted to share them with you here. I found this lovely little poem about a bee and it inspired this little painting. I wishContinue reading “Busy Bumblebee”

Special commission piece

Hello! I was asked to create a special mermaid picture for a little girl’s 5th birthday. Here is a time lapse of the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece and was delighted to hear that she was delighted with it!

There is a bee in my bonnet!

Hello! I have really been enjoying making lots of pictures of bee and flower hair ladies recently. I mainly use watercolour and inks. Here is my latest painting.

Hyperlapse painting

Hello! I have been playing around with hyperlapse videos after my other half bought me a stand! It is really interesting to watch back and see exactly how you paint. I tend to do a bit here and there. I uses watercolour and inkredible inks to create this A3 piece. Another painting I have createdContinue reading “Hyperlapse painting”


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