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A little update

Hello! It has been a while since I posted anything or updated my gallery (just done this now!). I have been posting to Instagram and my facebook accounts a lot more so check these out if you can. I had been working on lots of little bee drawing videos for school and you can findContinue reading “A little update”

February Art Club

Hello! I have been working on some prompts for February art club on Instagram! Here is the list of prompts and you can pick and choose which you do. I really enjoyed this little prompt list, if you want to see more of my work then please follow me on Instagram @ditterydots

Sketchbook pages

Hello! I just wanted to share a few sketchbook pages that I have been working on recently. The next two pages are just little doodles that I drew. I love little bumblebees and just like to paint them because they always look so friendly and happy. The next page layout is one that I reallyContinue reading “Sketchbook pages”

Friday doodle club

Hello! I hope everyone has had a safe and happy new year! I have been trying to do a little more drawing over the holidays and I came across this account on Instagram. They are called the @fridaydoodleclub and will be posting prompts every Friday for the rest of this year. I worked with theContinue reading “Friday doodle club”

Curious Imp

Hello everyone! I have been working on a little painting of a girl and a bumblebee. She is just resting when it comes and lands on her knee. She reminds me of a curious little garden imp and of the stories that are told to small children about the fairies that live in the garden!

All the bumblebees

Hello everyone! I have been having a bit of a bee obsession recently…just can’t seem to stop painting them. Here are a few videos and pictures I wanted to share with you all.


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