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I am a wildflower

Hello! I have been working on some watercolour images of a purple-haired woman recently. I was inspired by a quote that I found online and my imagination did the rest. I am a wildflower growing freely in the world, seemingly weak but secretly resiliant, able to weather the temperature of life. This was done onContinue reading “I am a wildflower”

Mixed media inky girls

Hello! I have been working on a set of mini sketchbooks and this one has been made using watercolour paper inserts and lots of inks and glue! I used Jane Davenport inks as they are rich in colour and you can mix them easily. I really enjoyed making this little sketchbook. You can see aContinue reading “Mixed media inky girls”

Pressing wildflowers

Hello! My daughter and I have been really enjoying going for walks in the woods near our house and seeing all the wildlife. We decided to try our hand at flower pressing! We were careful to only pick a few flowers and only the ones considered weeds – dandelions, buttercups, daisys and fallen leaves. IContinue reading “Pressing wildflowers”

Mosaic Rainbows

Hello! I purchased this lovely DIY rainbow mosaic kit for my daughter and myself to try over the holidays. Yesterday was such a rainy day and we couldn’t get out to play so we started our rainbow. The kit was from mayflymosaics on Etsy and comes with everything you need to make it and itContinue reading “Mosaic Rainbows”

Wraptious competition!

Hello! I have entered the wraptious competition this year and would like to ask you to go have a look at the amazing submissions and maybe vote for me on their facebook page! Here is my profile link https://www.wraptious.com/collections/summer-2020-submissions-by-hazel-cunningham and this is their link for the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Wraptious/?cft%5B0%5D=AZUgw5b0jWsipfauJNlHHi7FdZtT9mrVj22tzCVdUDsWQqO54aeaWQjVAfhOYXcxx0Nlwj_ALmNEdNLgjyFat81I8XCDGi-Q16h7-rgg8X1-DyL5jYnCgemIegA9Gw60dXA&tn=kK-R Please go have a look atContinue reading “Wraptious competition!”


Hello! I’ve been working on lots of little drawings on envelopes and watercolour papers at the moment. I am being really inspired by wildflowers and the woods behind our house. My daughter and I have been collecting wildflowers and have been pressing them. They are not quite ready to come out the press yet soContinue reading “Wildflowers”


Hello there and welcome to my blog! This blog is to give me the chance to share new work and ideas with other like-minded individuals. After giving birth to my beautiful daughter I sort of lost touch with my art and now during lockdown I am finally finding the time to be creative again. IContinue reading “Hello!”

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